Final Cut Pro X plugins

For several years, Final Cut Pro 7 was the preferred NLE applications for working professionals. Final Cut Pro X has had a much slower start than many thought it would. Nevertheless, over the last several years, the software has really come into its own. With each passing year, increasingly more professionals are using FCPX.


1. Colour Ending
With this plugin, you have a complete color grading package with RGB Curves, LUTs, and 3 Way Color Wheel. All these settings can be corrected right within the Final Cut timeline.

2.CoreMelt’s Lock & Load
Want a powerful and easy-to-use stabilizer in FCPX? Look at CoreMelt’s Lock & Load. Up to 12 times faster and more accurate than the FCPX built in stabilizer, it’s a must have for any editor.

3. mTitle 3D
Well check out mTitle 3D by motionVFX.

4. Twixtor
RE:Vision Effects brought Twixtor a few years back and have done a great job of upgrading it over these few years. This Final Cut Pro X plugin is a powerful time remapping tool which allows you to impede your sequences to super- ramp them up or slow movement. It’s somewhat pricey, but it’s one of the finest (if not the greatest) time remapping tools out there.

5. FxFactory Pro
FxFactory Pro is a strong Final Cut Pro X plugin toolbox that comes with an entire host of different attributes for colour adjustments, and transitions, effects. You can buy many of the applications as unique plugins from Pro at at much smaller price point, but Pro offers them all bundled together for a reasonably discounted cost.

6. mObject
MObject is FCPX and Motion 5’s version of Element 3D for After Effects. MotionVFX has created a sound software that offers you a wide range of capabilities in working with 3D Items in Motion 5 and FCPX.

7. Primatte Keyer
Primatte does the occupation for FCPX users, while we enjoy Keylight in After Effects much better.

8. Colorista III
It’s an incredibly strong color grading plugin with a Keyer for shade isolation, Curves, and 3 Way Color.

9. X2ProLE
Then you’ll need X2ProL to convert your audio to Pro Tools for audio finishing from FCPX if you don’t happen to use Apple Logic.

10. ClipExporter 2
Here’s one more non-plugin that’s not incredibly unworthy for any FCPX user. ClipExporter 2 is the greatest tool to use when needing to send your FCPX project to After Effects for post-production compositing.

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